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   Single Sided, Double sided, Multi-Layer
   Hi-Speed Backplanes & Controlled Impedance Boards
   IPC Designers Council Member, Cadence-CCT Specctra & Mentor Blaze Autorouters, PADS PowerPCB Workstations
   Ball Grid Array, Auto Placement, CAM file Generation
   Odd & Complex Shape PCB's
  Thru-Hole to  SMT Conversion
  Eagle CAD Software Design
   Flex-Circuits Design

Over the past 25 years Kanne & Associates has produced hundreds of Printed Circuit Board Designs.  We began with the now "distant memory" of Black or Red & Blue tape and evolved into CAD based solutions in the mid 1980's.

We possess experience with Accel, Allegro, Cadence-Specctra & Orcad PCB, Eagle, Tango, Mentor PADS PowerPCB CAD Software. However, our emphasis is clearly with PADS PowerPCB.


We also use and recommend Eagle from CadSoft.

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